SHOCKING: Abia govt allegedly summons officials to device new ways to mismanage LG funds

Story Highlights

  • Abia government seeks backdoor into juicy LG funds as local government gains autonomy.
  • Government official allegedly collecting hundreds of thousands of naira in bribes from hopeful local government bosses.

The Realm News has been reliably informed that all the Local Governments Heads of Service and Treasurers have been summoned for an emergency meeting at the Ministry of Local Government and Chieftaincy Affairs.

The meeting, which is ongoing as we filled this report, is to arm-twist them into signing out the LG FAAC allocation trapped in the various LGAs accounts as well as the May allocation received last week.

An LG principal officer who revealed this to our reporter said that to woo the TC Chairmen, the Governor Ikpeazu led Abia State Government is increasing their security votes to N20 million from the N4 million stipulated by the LG’s outstanding law and budget.

“TC Chairmen monthly security vote is N4 million but they used to return N2 million to the government through the ministry after they have signed receiving N4 million,” our source said.

“To make them cooperate, government promised to increase their monthly security votes to N20 million, they will return N15 million and keep N5 million instead of N4 million stipulated by law.”

According to our source, that was the agreement reached before the TC chairmen were reappointed.

“Agreement have been reached with some contractors that will receive fake contracts that will never be executed. That is what was agreed upon at their kangaroo JAAC meetings,” our source said.

Our source added that the latest move was nothing short of the state government’s new way of gaining access into LGs funds and embezzling them like they have been doing.

Also the Chairman of the Local Government Service Commission is allegedly collecting between N200,000 and N300,000 through his PA, identified as Kelechi, who works with agents for the ongoing recruitment.

As soon as one pays, the appointment letter is given within 24 hours.

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