See what Abia govt did after court ordered Don Norman Obinna released

The police in Abia State, apparently under orders from the state government and their cohorts, have seemingly resolved that investigative journalist Don Norman Obinna would not be allowed to lead the anti-bad-governance protest scheduled for July 1.

Obinna also leads Abians for Good Governance (AGG). The pro-democracy group recently gave the Okezie Ikpeazu led administration one month to pay workers and pensioners, adding that failure to do so would lead to mass protest.

Days after the ultimatum expired, and with the government failing to meet its obligation to the people of Abia, police arrested Obinna as the mass protest loomed.

Police also unlawfully detained Obinna for nine days, and without trial.

A federal high court, on Thursday, ordered the investigative journalist released but the police, apparently acting on “orders from above”, made another move to keep Obinna incarcerated.

They accused him of advanced fee fraud and arraigned him before a magistrate court that lacked jurisdiction over the matter. Instead of the incompetent court to grant Obinna bail, it remanded him in prison after admitting it had no powers to hear the case.

A source familiar with the matter told The Realm News “Abia political oppressors just do not want Obinna to lead the July 1 protest.”

“They are doing everything to silent the voice of Abains,” another source said.

Don Norman Obinna is a fierce critic of the Abia State Government. He recently published “Raped & Enslaved: Abia’s Era of Kleptocracy”, a book cataloging the inglorious eight-year tenure of former governor Senator Theodore A. Orji.

Prior to Don Norman’s latest arrest, the Abia State Governor allegedly ordered radio stations to stop granting him interviews.

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