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“Nigeria cannot and will never #EndSARS” – Falana

Human rights lawyer Femi Falana has said calls for end to Nigeria Police’s Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) are misguided.

“Nigeria cannot and will never end SARS,” Falana said at an event in Ogun State.

“What we will force the government to do is reform SARS massively,” he said.

Falana said the police is short-staffed and urged the government to recruit more Nigerians into the force. He called for wide-reaching reforms that would build public trust in the police.

WATCH: Falana on why Nigeria cannot afford to abolish SARS

It’s unclear if Falana’s son, Folarin alias FalzTheBahdGuy, who alluded to police brutality in his song #ThisIsNigeria, agrees with his father.

Meanwhile #EndSARS campaigners want Twitter to suspend police complaint unit head Abayomi Shogunle for allegedly tweeting hate speech at victims of police brutality.

Nigerians have been sharing stories of abuse by SARS operatives and calling the government to end the police unit.

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