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Lies and deceptions of keke/borehole loving governor now senator

Abia: A Rich State Impoverished & Enslaved

While listing his phony achievements in 2014, Governor Theodore Orji, now Senator representing Abia central said his government had constructed and equipped more than 210 community Health Centres in different parts of the state under its Primary Healthcare Services (PHS) to the people.  Shockingly he said:

“The Health Centres were provided with BOREHOLES and a TRICYCLE (KEKE) each to convey patients. The aim of the government was to ensure that every political ward in the state has a Health Centre to attend to patients.

Surprised! Though this claim was questionable considering that the Health Centres were invincible (non-existent), it is shameful that a so called 21st century governor equipped these invincible Health Centres with KEKE AMBULANCES. In other words, KEKE was used as AMBULANCE in the so called Health Centres.

For a government that acquired notoriety in lies and deceptions, it wasn’t a surprise the governor’s aides were gifted liars. It was like a competition amongst them to out-do each other in it. It was just 11 days to the end of 2011. The venue was the popular Ojez Place inside the National Stadium, Surulere. The mission was to mesmerise the crowd via prestidigitation.

Governor Orji was represented by his Chief Economic Adviser, the late Chief Chijoke Nwakodo, who also doubled as the chairman of the occasion. The State Liaison Officer in Lagos, Chief Felix Azuh, Special Adviser on Diaspora, Chief Kingsley Megwara and Special Adviser on Public Relations, whose office organised the forum, Barrister James Okpara, were also present.

Barrister Okpara told attendees thus: “… We felt you should see things for yourself and form your own judgment or opinion. But the important thing I want you to know is that the administration of Ochendo has done what you are about to see without BORROWING A KOBO from anywhere…”

Then he handed the microphone to Megwara to display the trademark of that administration. Hear him:

“…What used to be an erratic power flow, a terrible power system in Abia State is now being corrected. We now have an Umuahia where you don’t need a stabiliser any more to power your air conditioner, and can stay two, three days now without PHCN cutting your light. A lot of people thought it was PHCN but the Abia State Government put in N1.2 billion to assist PHCN in what we have in Umuahia and the surrounding area – even if you’re a vulcanizer, or a baker, or a hair dresser there’s no need going to buy petrol to power the little I-better-pass-my-neighbour generator you’ve got; we’ve ensured steady power flow in Umuahia and its surrounding areas.”

Wow! Even the devil must have doffed his hat in awe of Megwara. That was a hypnotic lie well told. 24 hours’ power supply in Umuahia, made possible with the injection of N1.2 billion? What a terrible government! It’s even repulsive to imagine that someone like Megwara is still serving in Okezie Ikpeazu’s government. It tells you why Ikpeazu’s government is the express image of Ochendo’s.

To make this lie sweeter, Governor Orji further garnished it with embellishments in his jabberwocky cum Democracy Day speech of 2013 thus:

“An updated account will show that we have completed more than 50 major road-constructions in various parts of the State. Worthy of mention is the Geometric Access road which supports the performance of the first private power plant in Nigeria, also the Ekeakpara-Osisioma road leading to NNPC depot, the omnibus Milverton Road which is a major access into Aba and the Ukwu mango road, all of which were abandoned since 1981.

“It is our wish to continue to do more, as we open up more access roads in the urban and rural areas of the State. It is also interesting to note that we empowered many youths and local contractors along our construction routes, and rehabilitated many federal roads to the tune of N14.7 billion, since we believe it will ease the movement of our people.

We have continued our giant steps in improving our urban environment of business locations – through environmental renewals and relocation of services that improve entrepreneurship. That is why we have been doing the massive work of the drainage of Aba – from the General Hospital through CKC, Old Court School road to East road, and down to Aba River. This is our attempt to provide a permanent solution to the flood menace of Aba, which once lead to the popular Ndiegoro flood disaster that made Dr Sam Mbakwe, Governor of Imo State to cry publicly for our State.”

Thank God Mbakwe only cried then, he would have fainted seeing the present state of the area now. To authenticate this claim, I enquired from the Ministry of Works whether the FG has reimbursed Abia government the N14.7 billion Ochendo’s government spent on the rehabilitation of federal roads in Abia State. The answer I got was that, FG was not aware of such claim.  Isn’t it necessary that we ask Ochendo to show us the federal roads in Abia State his government rehabilitated with N14.7 billion and who in the Ministry of Works received the voucher of the said amount?

Port Harcourt Rd. Aba

It’s on record that the following deplorable roads in Aba had been awarded and completed by Ochendo’s government: Uratta/Crystal Park roads, Obohia road, East Street, Old Exp road, St. Eugene Street, Uzoigwe Street, Umuode road Extension, Nwala Street, off Sacred Heart Street, Mount Zion Hospital road, off Nwachukwu Street, Mount Zion street, A-line Street Ariaria Market, F-Line Street Ariaria market and Port Harcourt road. The Port Harcourt road; a Federal Government road, was claimed to have been awarded to TECHYNCO constructions at the sum of N158.3 million. But a visit to these streets and roads today will leave you spitting mad.

Ugwumangroro, Faulks Rd. Aba

Megwara and Co told us that Governor Orji built world-class projects in Abia State without borrowing a KOBO. Somebody should remind Megwara and his fellow champions that under Ochendo’s government, the FG remitted over N500 billion into Abia State coffers. This fund was exclusive of IGR which Ochendo’s government roguishly pegged at N24 billion annually – N2 billion monthly –

Except those kitchen line called “Legacy Projects” that a local government chairman in a sane society would handle without ballyhoo, Ochendo’s government left Abia State with mickle domestic and external debts of N25.127 billion and $41.976 million dollars respectively in 2015.

Now you know why Abia State is nondescript; a resemblance of a town its residents were still returning from a civil war. To say the least, Ochendo’s government was a throwback to medieval period; an anachronism that ought not to have existed in the contemporary society.

It is very pathetic that some Abia youths, even the so called graduates have been programmed to endure decades of years of peasant servitude. If not, why would a man whose future and that of his children have been stolen would still support the mastermind of his predicament and yell publicly “Papa Ukwu go, go again?”

He provided KEKE as ambulances while governor. No wonder with constituency project fund of N800 million in four-years as a senator, his constituency and a handful of constituents can only boast of boreholes and Kekes as projects and empowerment items. There must be something about this man and Keke/boreholes.

These are extracts from my book – Raped & Enslaved- Abia’s Era of Kleptocracy. ISBN: 978 – 978 – 968 – 278 – 2.

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