Karma should’ve killed Mugabe earlier for cheating on wife — Nigerian feminist Nkechi Bianze

Former president of Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe, is dead.

Mugabe died on Friday at the age of 95.

Everyone, well almost everyone, is talking about Mugabe. Nigerian Feminist and Facebook influencer Nkechi Bianze has weighed in.

Here’s what the wrote on Facebook moments ago:

Bad things do not necessarily always happen to bad people.

Karma is a consolatory myth.

Sometimes, bad people live the best of lives and die painlessly and peacefully at ripe old ages.

E.g; Robert Mugabe.
Prime minister for 7 years and autocratic notorious tyrant President for 30 years. Refused to give up power and eliminated all oppositions. Till he was too old to hang on to power and was dragged out by some people with guts.

He terminated democracy in Zimbabwe.

Caused pains for many.
Caused the deaths of many.
Caused many Zimbabweans to seek asylum in other countries.

Cheated of his wife.
Married his mistress.

He wasn’t a good man; but he enjoyed life.

He is most likely going to be given a state burial.

He stole and accumulated wealth for his generations to come. They won’t be poor…. very unlikely.

Don’t kid yourself. His wickedness and bad deeds didn’t kill him. He lived the best of lives and died at a ripe age of 95. Most of us will NOT have it as good as he did in life nor live till the age of 95.

My point?
Karma is a wishful consolotary shitty myth!

Be good to people because you know it’s good to be good.

And if you choose to be bad; the fear of karma is a silly reason not to be.

May Mugabe rest… or not. I really don’t give a fuck.

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