Wuhan: Is Nigeria ready for the coronavirus that made China shut an entire city?

To stop the spread of a deadly coronavirus, China is blocking all human traffic to and from Wuhan — a city of 11 million people where the outbreak began.

The outbreak, according to Chinese authorities, has left at least 17 people dead with over 500 cases reported. But UK infectious disease experts, according to The Guardian, have raised their estimate of the likely number of cases to 4,000.

There are reported cases in South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Thailand and the United States.

Several countries are taking measures against the Wuhan coronavirus including carrying out medical/bio screening at their airports and other entry points, and issuing travel warnings to their citizens.

As Nigeria does a lot of business with China, there is a high influx of people between both countries. Is the African country ready to deal with the coronavirus should it make its way there?

We just want to ask.

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