Customer writes Ikeja Electric over fraudulent disconnection

The following letter was written by an Ikeja Electric customer who felt wronged by the electricity distribution company. We’re publishing it with his permission.


I am curious as to why I came home yesterday to find that my house has been disconnected. 

There are a few reasons why I have issues with this development. 

First, I paid more than 90% (5,000) of the April bill (5,722.50), which is the last I got, on the 23rd of May. This is despite that the bill itself is highly contestable; l live in a mini-flat that is always closed most of week. I go to work Mondays to Saturdays; there is no way on earth I use that amount of power overnight and on weekends in one month.

Second, I’m sure you know what the rules say about disconnections. In case you don’t, find attached relevant screenshot.

How come I did not get any notice of this your move before hand? You have both my phone number and email address; you know how to deliver bills to my doorstep, but you can’t do that with disconnection notices, right? Or is it just that your company does not know how to treat its customers with respect?

Third, the last time your men disconnected my house in a similar crazy drive for recovery of questionable billings, I was at your office in Ketu to express my grievances about the bills I get. No one was willing to listen, until I met the accountant who afterwards insisted that no one can tell them what price to sell their product. 

Fourth, I have such a high balance on my account because I believe your bills are not reflective of my power usage. It’s once gotten as high as N20,000 for one month and I have no refrigerator, no air conditioner! Check your records, I pay on my bill every month! 

Fifth, you guys are not ready to give me a pre-paid meter.

Sixth, when your men came to reconnect me that last time, they did such a wonderful job that I lost 50% of my appliances to a power surge. When my younger brother, who was around at the time, reported at your Ketu office, they offered no explanation; but they did promise to come around to fix the connection. They never did!

While I know you can ignore this mail as you sometimes do, but in case you don’t, please look into this.

Letter written by Abraham Adegoke.

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