Cartoon: Buhari government an undercover military regime

So, like I always say, we live now in times of UNDERCOVER MILITARY REGIME.

A government that does not regard the constitutional rights of her citizens is no democratic government. The intimidation, the oppression of citizens, the arbitrary arrests are even one-sided.

Dissent is the highest form of patriotism. It is a constitutional right to assemble and express oneself, but they don’t know, do they?

The last time an individual from a particular geopolitical zone threatened the nation on national television, we both know what happened to him, NOTHING! Boko Haram is still terrorizing, and same goes for the herdsmen; we don’t see this energy from government and law enforcement in cubing their menace.

The leader of a free country that has all the independent arms of government doing his bid is no leader; he is a military dictator!

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