BREAKING: Police embark on “show of force exercise” ahead Osun election

The Nigeria Police Force has embarked on a “show of force exercise” in Osun State.
A show of force is a military operation intended to warn or to intimidate an opponent (or potential lawbreakers) by showcasing a capability or will to act if one is provoked. Shows of force may also be executed by police forces and other armed, non-military groups.

The police conducted the exercise as part of its preparation for the governorship election coming up in the state this Saturday.

The police said it would arrest anyone who tries to buy votes. Those selling their votes could also be in trouble.

Meanwhile, the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) has said voters, after receiving ballot papers, would be banned from using smart phones and/or camerasbanned from using smart phones and/or cameras.

Voters would also not be allowed to use those devices inside the polling booths.

INEC said the ban would curb vote-buying. But critics called it a ploy to stop Nigerians from gathering evidence against rigging. INEC countered this by adding that phones and cameras would be allowed around polling units.

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