APGA, Ehiemere and his senseless dense macabre (Part 1)

Events prior to and after the 2019 general election have shown that the All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA) has jettisoned its incorporated Ndi Igbo political philosophy and ideology that made it the eastern bride.

When one expects APGA to learn from the rapacious disposition of Chief Victor Oye led national executive that made it a target of critical opprobrium and odium, culminating in the party’s woeful performance, the party seems to be sliding further into extinction.

The plight of APGA in the recently concluded 2019 general election should be a source of concern to the party’s hierarchy at all levels. Aside from the prioritisation of profit-making over credibility, affixation of wrong persons in sensitive leadership positions was APGA’s worst affliction.

For a party with the motto “Nkea bu Nke Anyi,” APGA’s inability to capture a state in the entire southeast is a sign of leadership failure. Success does not happen by mere wish; it’s a product of solid administrative planning. Jim Collins corroborates this assumption when he posits that, “First get the right people on the bus, the wrong people off the bus, and the right people in the right seats, and then figure out where to drive.”

Aside from APGA National Chairman, Victor Oye, there are several wrong people on the bus. One such character is the Abia State APGA chairman, Rev Augustine Ehiemere.

His romance with the PDP and Governor Okezie Ikpeazu since the conclusion of March 9, 2019 gubernatorial election is not just disgraceful to APGA but also a let-down to the battered Abia electorate who entrusted their battle for liberation to APGA.

Ten days after the controversial written result that declared Ikpeazu winner of the gubernatorial election was released, Ehiemere shamelessly led IPAC members to congratulate him. Amid the grave-like silence in Abia State, grieve and wailing of the residents, pensioners and civil servants owed 19 and eight months’ pension/salary arrears respectively, Ehiemere condescendingly licked the governor’s boot thus:

“By this election, the Abia masses have affirmed their love and support for you and your administration and now expect greater and more appreciable developmental footprints in the next four years of your reign.”

Then three weeks later, the same state chairman publicly disowned the election petition of his party’s candidate Dr Alex Otti (OFR) in the tribunal even when the tribunal acknowledged receipt.

He said, “Otti’s petition has not been deliberated upon by the leadership of the party. And we also, as the State Working Committee (SWC) have not been told about any petition in the tribunal. And once that happens; we will know what to do. But for now, the APGA leadership in Abia is not aware.”

As if these were not enough insults to the battered Abia residents and infringement on the susceptibilities of the suffering pensioners and civil servants who massively supported APGA because of Otti, Ehiemere announced the replacement of Otti with Ossy Prestige as APGA leader in Abia State haughtily as if it was the problem of APGA in Abia State presently. What a shame!

I am one of the millions of Abians who support APGA not necessarily because we are members but because of our love and belief in Otti as the true face of opposition in Abia State. Where is your shame Ehiemere? It’s a shame that a state party chairman will allow himself to be used by the enemies of the state to scuttle the hope of millions of Abians.

What is a mere party leadership position compared to our stolen mandate being singlehanded fought to be retrieved by Alex Otti without the help of APGA?

Unlike you, whose short life depends on crumbs, the majority of us want a secured future for us, our children and generation unborn.

Please, for God’s sake, do not use your Reggae to spoil our Blues. Enough of this senseless dense macabre. Our support for Otti is to be governor not a leader of a party that cannot guarantee us the fulfilment of this dream.

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