Afara Prison: Torture camp of Abia’s agents of demons (part 5)

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It’s an absolute travesty of justice that approximately 800 presumed innocent Abians are languishing in prison while perpetrators of dastardly acts roam the streets of Abia freely and sometimes serenaded.

While a known Abia State government agent who prides himself human right lawyer, ACB Agbazuere and one hungry looking police prosecutor, Chidi Obilor, also a lawyer, applied all unprofessional tricks to keep me in prison ad infinitum, the police officer whose bullet cut short the life of personal assistant to Chinedum Orji, the late John Ndubuka, walks the streets freely.

His name is Tijani Ayeni, one of the many police orderlies guarding former Abia State Governor Senator T. A. Orji and his family. He was discharged and acquitted from the murder of John Ndubuka in 2017, for lack of prosecution. Generally, dismissal for lack of prosecution occurs when the court closes a case as nothing has been filed within a specified period of time. The court presumes that as there is no record of activity the party does not wish to pursue the case.

In other words, nothing was filled against Tijani, even by Mr Chinedum Orji whose account published on Premium Times under the headline; “Death of John Ndubuka: My Story…Chinedum Orji” proved an eye-witness. Maybe he was yet to overcome the shock.

But it gives me the heebie-jeebies how ACB Agbazuere, a petition specialist could not petition the Abia State Chief Judge, Justice Onuoha Ogwe, for the retrial of the case.

Justice Ogwe is a core professional who will not pervert justice. Inmates and prison officials hold him in high esteem. There is a story of how a petition was written against him by some agents of the demons in Abia State who were uncomfortable with the speed at which he freed over 14 inmates within his few months in office abound in Afara prison. I am sure he would have retried the case if our human right lawyer Agbazuere had put up the kind of petition he concocted against me on behalf of Senator T. A. Orji.

If the police had doubled their efforts (the kind that saw them stalk me and overzealously arrest my son, 16, and detained him), Tijani would have remained in prison custody. I wonder why Abia police that have proven to be experts at taking un-investigated cases (like mine) to court could not give the judge something to prosecute Tijani.

I wonder why a good man like Senator Orji and his son Chinedum, who magnanimously declined to give evidence against a police officer who killed their nephew/cousin, John Ndubuka, wrote a petition alleging cybercrime, hostage-taking, threatening behaviour and terrorism against me. I am sure an obsequious flatterer is instigating him.

Anyway, my confidence lies in the fact that 99.9 per cent onus lies on him to convince the court of these allegations against me.

They also intensified their desperation to have me cowed into silenced by seeking the award of N1 billion for defamation against me and my company, The Realm News. They served it while I was taking my plea in High Court 2.

Is it not mischievous to say the least, that the people who published my house address in the warrant of arrest that declared me wanted for cybercrime offence; who waylaid my son, 16, in my estate gate; chose the page of The Nation Newspaper for their laughable N1 billion suit against me for defamation?

Anyway, away from the ploy to cow me momentarily, I think that a professional police officer ought to know that he should “lock” his firearm when in public to avoid accidental discharge. What was his reason for cocking his gun in a gathering of loyalists and sycophants, not some riotous group of criminals, who came to endorse Ochendo for senator?

An accidental discharge that hits no one else in the crowd but John Ndubuka on the chest looks more like a sniper’s assignment than an accident; the reason Tijani would have made to prove his innocence.

Like Tijani, I would probably not be standing trial for the cybercrime allegation against me if I had done ACB Agbazuere, our human right lawyer who has the best law library in Abia State not a history of winning cases, asked me to do.

To be continued…

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