Abia: Who cast a spell on us? (Part 8)

Faun, the half-man-half-goat image, is Satanism symbol- the way of life or belief that Abia State is presently dedicated to-. Therefore, the innocuous slogan, “Onye Ji Igu Ka Ewu N’eso” (goat chases after someone with palm frond) is not conventional as it appears. It has a spiritual connotation.

Do not be misled; it is an evil catchphrase that denotes the apprehension and integration of the spirits of the feeble into that of a goat. That is precisely why a large number of us unconsciously behave like goats. Goats are foolish animals; the reason some of us effusively sing the praises of our slave masters without constraint.

These Maaaa! (goats) even at 50-years of age consider themselves youths. They will maim and murder because of Keke/old model cars empowerments. They found solace in political thuggery while the children of their slave masters’ study, live abroad and cruise around town in SUVs of N100 million.

You can see that we are under a goat spirit spell. Under its influence, some of us joyfully act stupid as if there’s a reward for foolhardiness. The goat spirit is the only thing that will make grown men embrace gossip as a means of livelihood.

They eavesdrop on people’s conversations and relay to their slave masters to curry favour. In most cases, the rewards for gossiping come with disparagement – Nye tu ye ose ka ora (rob little pepper on his lips)-. In appreciation, they crawl 500 metres to thank the emperor who seats and stares at them condescendingly.

The next controlled by the goat spirit spell are the women praise singers. They jilt their hollandaise for wrappers adorned with the portraits of masterminds of their hubbies and children poverty. They are the certified official sex toys who travel everywhere even to the airport to welcome our slave masters in the 21st century Nigeria. If your mother, sister, wife or aunt is among them, weep and pray for her.

The most miserable among them are the group that referred to themselves as the adopted sons/daughters of our slave masters. Most of them are vagrants who sleep in the offices. They are notorious for operating several Facebook accounts with fake names. They use their real accounts to write in favour of their captors, then give feedback through the comment box using their fake accounts.

Their stock in trade is to write scurrilities or pour invectives on those of us with different views. They go from one radio station to another praising those responsible for their woes. They hide under several groups to organise and present awards to these men. In the end, a hundred men will share N250k. Then you will hear a useless phrase like, “Dede wetara ose”. Each of them will go home with N2,500. Chai!

In spiritual ceremonies, a goat is a symbol of sacrifice; that’s what the majority of us represent. That is why they will give us money to commit all sort of atrocities but will never invest meaningfully in our lives. They would provide enough alcohol and drugs that will damage our kidneys but will never fund the transplants.

I know of political thugs and allies who died of kidney infection, diabetes, high blood pressure and stroke. They regretted their actions on their dying bed abandoned by the people they felt were with them. One of them begged for N7 million for a kidney transplant in India. They kept promising him until he was unable to pay for his dialysis. It was then he realised he’s sacrificed.

To the Satanist adherents, goat symbolised vitality, sensuality and health. That is why our loss is their gain. They grow mightily in strength and riches through our sufferings and deaths. They look healthy and attracted to our women. In their kingdom, the male goat symbolised virility while the female goat symbolised abundance and reproduction. Ikotara the sign?

Abeg, stay away from their evil bags of rice and gifts. Soon, they will use Christmas as an alibi to share bags of rice, wrappers, cows and goats. Please, ga gwa ndi yard unu.

To be continued…

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