Abia: Inside the dud cheque propaganda Senator T. A. Orji, police allegedly used to incarcerate investigative journalist

Don Norman Obinna is the author of “Raped & Enslaved: Abia’s Era of Kleptocracy”. The book is so explosive the political powers that be want it out of circulation.

This is the concluding part of his revelations on why the powers that be in Abia State arrested him again. Click here to read the Part 1.


The reason for my incarceration was to halt the planned week-long protest scheduled for Monday, July 1, to Friday, July 5, 2019, to demand for the immediate payment of 18/25 months’ salary and pension arrears owed civil servants and pensioners in Abia State.

The only way the commissioner of police and his accomplices could take me out of circulation momentarily with less critical opprobrium was to pretend to be acting on the petition of blackmail writing by senator Orji against me. 

But it was one of the charges against me already on trial, therefore, prosecuting me with it again would amount to action in escapism; hence the invented dud cheque brouhaha to discombobulate and hoodwink the masses into questioning my integrity and altruism.

Despite the provocative petition of dud cheque and insipience displayed therein, I maintained my calm demeanour while responding. My response dwarfed my traducers and made nonsense of their concocted assertions. First, I did not visit Abia State in 2018 and as such could not have issued a cheque to anyone for presentation. Second, the date on the said cheque was not my handwriting. In other words, someone affixed it with malicious intent. 

Third, aside from my John Hancock, there were other notable discrepancies. For instance, the simpleton alleged in his petition that I spent 104 days in his hotel at the rate of N4k per night. When summed up, it amounts to N416k and not N650k. 

Fourth, he told the police that he put a call across to me on November 16, 2018, where I authorised him to present the said cheque for payment. Thank God we are in a digital era; the network providers should be able to provide the call log to ascertain the verity of this claim. Fifth, there were no receipts to back up this gobbledygook. 

The confidence I exhumed almost stirred a velitation between me and the police who saw that they were embarking on a journey cul de sac. Instead of granting me administrative bail, the police commissioner displayed egregious venality. He did not only order my detention but boasted that he has warrants to detain me for up to three months in the police cell. 

After spending six days in police custody with no sign that the commissioner of police had the intention to grant me bail, my lawyer proceeded to the Federal High Court and filed a suit enforcing my fundamental human right. The Federal High Court ordered the commissioner of police to release me immediately or produce me in court. 

Immediately the order was served on the eight-day, he hurriedly arraigned me before a Magistrate Court the next day on a one-count charge of Advance Fee Fraud instead of the dud cheque which they and their E-idiots presented before the media.

The Magistrate declined jurisdiction and sent me to Afara prison until July 16 to the satisfaction of my traducers who had no interest in prosecuting me. If they had, they would have produced me before the Federal High Court as ordered or charge me with the issuance of a dud cheque at the Magistrate court. But they opted for trump up instead – Advance Fee Fraud -. 

Believing that I am a village idiot like them, my traducers deployed the services of their E-idiots to deceive the unsuspecting masses and forthwith assassinated my character with aggravated media trial.

But I was the smartest, as they were celebrating their counterfeit victory over me; my lawyer had approached the Federal High Court same day to file a suit of N50m against them.

By Tuesday afternoon, the court bailiff had served, the commissioner of police, Senator T.A. Orji, one Ifeanyi Umere and the fugitive wanted by South African government.

His epistemic deficiency swallowed him when prodded by the Federal High Court judge. To our bewilderment, he told the judge that I issued him the November 16, 2018, post-dated cheque in 2017 about one-year and six months’ interval. His contradictory statement made everyone present in court cachinnated. The judge granted me unconditional bail and adjourned the case for hearing to September.

You need to see the way they stormed out of the court with their faces like a He-goat that ate salt. My PA overheard one of them said frustratingly they might resort to Voodoo if… Nde Apari!

Note: Their latest action against me was a plot to distract us from the real issue. I will not speak on this matter further until it is decided. Join me on Tuesday for the revelation that will break your heart.

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