Abia: How Senator T. A. Orji, police allegedly used fake cheque propaganda to detain journalist, stop pro-people protest

Don Norman Obinna is the author of “Raped & Enslaved: Abia’s Era of Kleptocracy”. The book is so explosive the political powers that be want it out of circulation.


The journey to my 16-day incarceration started on Monday, June 17, 2019, when I returned to Umuahia, in readiness for the week-long protest (Monday, July 1 to Friday, July 5, 2019) proposed by Abians For Good Governance (AGG) for pensioners and civil servants and to also appear before Abia State High Court for the trial of the cyber-crime allegation by Senator Theodore. A. Orji and the Commissioner of Police against me.

The next day (Tuesday), I received a nervous call from a colleague – a staff of Pacesetter FM – who informed me of a memo from Senator T. A. Orji to all radio stations in Abia State instructing them not to grant me interviews or access to live programmes to my sheer trepidation.

A few hours later, another called to inform me of an impending plan to re-arrest me on Wednesday after the court proceeding on concocted charges and blackmail me using T. A. Orji’s weak Mercurial media team. He explicitly told me not to appear in court on Wednesday, June 19, cancel the planned protest and return to Lagos if possible.

Though I understood his worries, I could not heed his advice because of the bail condition that made my appearance in court mandatory. Cancelling the protest also was not possible because of the commitments and logistics already in place. So I resigned to fate and braced up.

Being au fait with the strategy likely to be adopted by the weak and unintelligent Ochendo so-called Mercurial media team headed by a school dropout, a half-baked self-proclaimed “media influencer” (whose write-ups are replete with bad grammar and syntax) and host of undergraduates and e-idiots, I positioned my men in and around the court premises and room.

Predictably, one of the mercurial media e-idiots walked into the courtroom unaware of the traps and surreptitiously snapped several shots of me and forwarded same to one Ifeanyi Umere the so-called head of the useless mercurial team who responded on the affirmative.

We alerted the court clerk and the police who arrested and extracted a confessional statement from him. I will upload the video of his confessional statement on Monday. Expectedly, Senator Orji, the Commissioner of Police and their accomplices failed to appear in court.

Immediately I stepped out of the courtroom into my lawyer’s jeep to proceed to my hotel a police van trailed, blocked and arrested me with a warrant of arrest bearing a complaint from Senator. T. A. Orji.

I was mandated to respond to a petition with a subhead: “Unrelenting Blackmail of Senator T. A. Orji and family members by Obinna Don Norman” signed by one Ifeanyi Umere on behalf of T. A. Orji at the police headquarters, Umuahia.

Photos of the petitions

In my response, I reminded the commissioner of police that the case is already before a High Court in Umuahia and as such requires no interference from the police. To avoid the wrath of the court, public odium and critical opprobrium from the masses they showed me another petition by one Nwaeze Jele attached with a photocopied cheque of N650,000. It was then I comprehended the blackmail information by my friend the previous day.

Seeing the so called Malawi in company of Sen. Orji’s juvenile mercurial team with my accusers and their lawyer was interesting.

Never worry, relax for the shocking details of the so-called cheque purportedly issued to Nweze by me on November 16, 2018.

I am so disappointed that Ochendo will recruit a primary three school dropout, whose last known business was eye-glass hawking at Isi-gate before he relocated to South Africa; one of the architects of xenophobia attacks on Nigerians living in that country today.

Even the mercurial media team recruits and its head are a disgrace to Ochendo. They asked for it and I will put them to the sword.

Do not touch the dial, I am back. No one goes into the sea to challenge a fish for a swimming bout. I am media and media is me. 

To be continued…

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