Abia: EFCC arrests T. A. Orji’s son, Ugonna, for allegedly helping father launder stolen money

While The Realm Newspapers Nigeria Limited was preparing to launch a book documenting the “kleptocracy” of Theodore A. Orji’s maladministration in Abia State; the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) was busy monitoring a son of the former governor who may be helping his father hide stolen Abia funds.

EFCC nabbed Ugonna Orji somewhere in Abuja in the morning of Saturday, December 8 – the same day we released “Raped & Enslaved: Abia’s Era of Kleptocracy”.

The masterpiece written by The Realm News Editor-in-Chief Don Norman Obinna focuses on the scandalously corrupt and ridiculously inept tenures of Senator T. A. Orji who governed Abia State for eight years.

Prior to the book launch, The Realm News had exclusively reported on the alleged financial crimes of Senator Orji and that of godson and current governor Dr. Okezie Ikpeazu.

Now selling nationwide – “Raped & Enslaved: Abia’s Era of Kleptocracy”.

Sources told The Realm News the EFCC may have decided to look into the allegedly corrupt Orji empire following our factual and exclusive reporting.

Recall that the EFCC recently arrested Senator Orji himself for allegedly laundering N27 billion. There are allegations the “dirty monies” are Abia State funds T. A. Orji “senselessly looted” while he governed for eight years. Critics say the looting and mismanagement has not stopped under Ikpeazu whom Orji, a public official caught sharing cash to electoral officers, wants to return to power come 2019.

Saturday’s arrest of Ugonna Orji, the senator’s son, was erroneously reported as a raid on the family of Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) presidential candidate Atiku Abubakar.

The misreported event forced the EFCC into making the following statement, adding that Ugonna was cooperating with the anti-graft agency in the corruption case against his father:

“The recent arrest of Ugonna Orji, son of Sen. Theodore Orji, over money laundering, has absolutely nothing to do with son of ex-VP Atiku Abubakar.

“The former Abia governor has been under investigations by the EFCC, for money laundering activities, which was discovered to have been carried out through his sons.

“The EFCC had been on the trail of cars allegedly bought by the sons, and last Friday the cars were traced to a nightclub in Abuja, where operatives waited patiently through the night to arrest the owners – Ugonna and his friend, Kelvin Ilonah.

“They were arrested at about 5 am on Saturday, and they led operatives to their three-flat apartment, where documents retrieved showed that it was rented at a rate of N13million per annum.

“They have so far given useful information to the EFCC, which is aiding in investigations. It should be made clear that the EFCC never “went after” Atiku’s sons, neither was Atiku’s son arrested by the EFCC.”

Observers say the investigation could spell doom for the Orji political dynasty which many believe is corrupt.

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