Abia Charter of Equity: Weep, not celebrate, Ezeikpe

I couldn’t help but laugh when I read from the platform of the Abia State Government E-Machineries’ the persuasion by one of the signatories and proponents of the obsolete Abia Charter of Equity (ACE) Dr Anagha Ezeikpe to the Abia State House of Assembly to enact the historical object into law.

It’s an acceptance that the relic — Abia Charter of Equity — was an illegal document exhumed from the dustbin of history in 2015 by a few individuals to maintain political relevance; even when we rejected them.

I am startled that Chief Ezeikpe kept quiet when this illegal document – its precepts were predicated upon the abolished 1979 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria – was made a cynosure by egotistic men to hoodwink impressionable Abians. 

How can a relic that can no longer serve as a model for us to replicate in 2019 be signed into law without an all-inclusive upgrade? The Abia State created in 1991 by Babangida military Junta became old in 1996 when Afikpo and other clans that made up the old Bende zone were merged with some parts of Enugu State to form what we know today as Ebonyi State.

On what premise would the ACE be signed into law with these obvious lacunas begging for aggiornamento? It’s amazing how some political class in Abia State still live in the past. This is 2019, not 1981, for crying out loud. A child born then is 38-years-old now. The yesterday’s show of shame explicitly exposed the whys and wherefores of Abia’s underdevelopment. 

Thank God that Chief Ezeikpe was one of the signatories to the relic called Abia Charter of Equity. Now that he has volunteered to take the bullets for our prodigal sons for only God knows why; let’s ask him these vital questions based on the ACE recommendations.

Where is the Aba City, the supposed capital city of the old Abia State as recommended by ACE? Where is the Abia Movement that ought to be formed before the implementation of ACE? Where in ACE was the rotation of power between three senatorial districts suggested? Ask yourself if Okpara would have been part of the yesterday’s show of shame if he was alive?

I expected Ezeikpe to weep over how far Abia, that Okpara left in his custody has fallen rather than celebrate. Which good father celebrates when his children are suffering? It is a shame.

What do we have in Abia State that calls for a celebration that Chief Ezeikpe had to assemble these kids to make a public spectacle of himself? Don’t tell us that you are celebrating a 28-year-old man (Abia) who’s on diapers, sucks breast and crawls while his age mates and those he is older than (Ebonyi State) have grown to maturity. Chai! 

Rather than celebration, put on a garment of sorrow, pour ashes on your head and grieve for keeping quiet while evil triumphed in Abia State. Or better still hand yourself over to the police. As for the Abia State House of Assembly, I dare it to ever consider or attempt to enacting the relic into law and meet us in court. Enough of this deceit and mediocrity.

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