Agbazuere: How not to be a human rights lawyer

    When a "human rights lawyer" is nothing more than a professional political errand boy.

    Abia interview: ASCETA provost highlights achievements, says accusers envious of his success

    The provost dismisses corruption allegations as the machinations of envious critics and rivals.

    ASCETA sacks 140 staff without payment of 26 months’ salary arrears.

    Two hours later, the registrar and the bursar fled the college to Umuahia, for fear of a backlash

    ASCETA to retrench staff as students, provost, disagree over certificates, NYSC

    "Take it from me,let it be on record that we are going to downsize ASCETA workforce," Dr Philip Nto

    Scandalous: How Nto diverts ASCETA’s billions, properties to self — Staff

    TETFUND officials aid the theft by collecting kickbacks to approve poorly executed projects that didn't meet specifications