INTERVIEW: Sir K-Oluwo is more than a land-grabber — Barrister Omotayo

    In this interview with Stanley Ihedigbo, Barrister Omotayo gave insight into the vicious land-grabbing engagements that led to the displacement of indigenes, death of Itapara traditional head and multiple homicides; and the alleged role Lamina played in these crimes.

    Who cast a spell on us? (Part 9)

    "Accomplices are as guilty as the offenders; the reason the so-called oppositions in Abia State should not be exonerated from the unsympathetic rape and enslavement of Abia State and her residents. The majority are cat’s paws of the PDP government…

    BREAKING: Robert Mugabe is dead

    Robert Mugabe, Zimbabwe's first post-independence leader, has died at the age of 95.

    BREAKING: South Africa shuts down Lagos embassy

    The South African embassy in Lagos has been forced to temporarily shut its doors over fear of attacks.